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If you think that you don't need Florida Med's help with this process, YOU ARE WRONG! It's scary to think what would have happened had I not had their help. They assisted me in more ways than I ever imagined. If you are applying for a Florida Medical license, using Florida Med to help you is a MUST. Pick up the phone and call them NOW!

Initially I thought to myself, I'm only a Resident, I don't need any help, my situation is relatively simple and uncomplicated. Then I thought to myself, I'm extremely busy and a little guidance and assistance could be helpful. Well, the process ended up being a lot more complicated than I ever imagined and having the staff at Florida Med help me was VERY much needed. Quite frankly, I barely lifted a finger. The pretty much handled everything. Some of my fellow Residents were kicking themselves when they heard how smooth, quick and easy the process was for me. To say they regretted not hiring Florida Med to help them would be an under statement.

A colleague of mine used a different company/service to help him with his Florida Medical license. Nearly a year later, he received it. Because the process took him so long he ended up losing his job offer. He said that once he paid them the money he barely heard from them again, and when he did it was clear that they had no idea what they were doing. That's why when I received a job offer I decided to contact Florida Med to assist me. I couldn't afford for this process to take a year like it did for my colleague. Two months later, I had an active Florida medical license. When I told my colleague about this he was shocked, he didn't believe me.

There are other licensing companies that offer their assistance in this process. Using someone other than Florida Med could be a costly mistake. By using Florida Med, I was able to keep my job offer and start work on time, saving me thousands of dollars of income. If you need a Florida license, do yourself a favor and contact Florida Med. You won't regret it.

Not sure what I would have done without Michele and his Staff at Florida Med. Even though I had obtained my Louisiana license with no help, I knew I would need some help with the Florida License, having heard the stories from colleagues who had experience with Florida. I was scheduled to start my Fellowship on July 1 and could not afford any problems or delays in obtaining my Florida License. It's safe to say that was my first good decision. My second good decision was when I asked them to help me find a job. They found something for me almost immediately. After my interview, I was offered the job, accepted it and the rest is history. Seeing my colleagues struggle through the licensing process and being bombarded by recruiters everyday, I see how fortunate I was in contacting Michele and his Staff at Florida Med. Thanks again Michele!

My husband and I are both physicians and were contemplating a move to Florida. Having heard the horror stories about the Florida licensing process, we naturally contacted Florida Med to assist us. Not only did they help us both obtain our licenses, but they also found both of us jobs. Before we contacted Mr. Bertoldi we had a line on some job opportunities for us. However, the jobs that we ended up getting through Mr. Bertoldi were much better than the ones we were looking at. Contacting Florida Med ended up being one of the best career decisions we ever made.

I contacted Florida Med to help me with my license because I thought I had secured a job in Florida. At the last minute the job fell through, so I asked Mr. Bertoldi if he could help me find another one. Not only did he find me another job, but it ended up being better than the one that I had previously accepted. More money, a better place to live and my Florida license, all because I contacted Florida Med. The best $800 I ever spent!

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