Services Provided

What will Florida Med do for me?
Again, in the spirit of making this process as "Physician friendly" as possible, Florida Med will handle as much of the work, paperwork, etc that would normally be required of you to apply for and receive your FL Medical License. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Typing and preparing ALL of the preliminary paperwork, application, forms, requests, etc, needed to get this process off the ground and running.
    • Note: the preparation of this paperwork is a very small percentage of the time and work that we will be devoting to you and your application for licensure.
  • ALL of this preliminary paperwork will be mailed or emailed to you with a simple but detailed list of instructions that we will tailor for you and your application.
    • Our instructions are designed to eliminate ALL the guess work normally associated with this process as well as any "what do I do now?", head scratching moments that would be commonplace without our service.
    • Note: the items that will be listed in your "instructions" are things that we simply cannot do for you.
      • Copies of certain documents that only you possess
      • Fingerprinting for a criminal background check
      • Etc.
  • Eventually we will hand deliver application to the Florida Board of Medicine.
    • Note: it is at this point that the bulk of our time and work will be spent handling ALL of the tedious aspects of this process needed to get you completed, approved and licensed.
  • From there, we'll maintain constant contact with the Florida Board of Medicine on your behalf as well as ALL the other entities, agencies, hospitals, etc..., that will be charged with the task of sending information to the Florida Board.
  • Of course we'll keep you informed and updated as to the status of your application until we have you completed, approved and licensed.

How long will it take to get me licensed?

  • The VAST majority of our clients are licensed in two months or less.
  • For those of you that have "special issues" associated with your application, (malpractice, disciplinary issues, etc...) this process can take longer depending upon your issue(s).
    • Note: We've seen it all when it comes to these "special issues" and can provide you with VERY valuable guidance and expertise when it comes to disclosing and handling these "issue(s)".

Benefits of our Service

We like to call our service a "win, win" when it comes to the benefits we provide our clients.

  • "Win" #1: As a busy Physician, your time and spare time are VERY valuable and precious. The hours, days, weeks and months of time, work and paperwork that we will save you is the primary reason why most of your colleagues hire us to help them with this process.
  • "Win" #2: With our resources, experience and expertise in this process, we'll have you licensed MUCH,MUCH faster than if you were handling this process on your own.
    • Quite frankly, there is no way you can complete this process for yourself as fast as we can complete it for you.

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Time is money! Florida Med will save you both.

Florida Medical Licensing Service, Inc.
1331 East Lafayette Street
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Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone: 850 942-0080
Toll Free: 800 982-1499
Fax: 850 877-6417

How do I get started?
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Fee for our services?
$800 for Practicing Physicians
$550 for Residents and Fellows
$450 for Physician Assistants

Fee for the license?
$1227 for Practicing Physicians
$753 for Residents and Fellows
$305 for Physician Assistants