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FAQ with Florida Med President,
Michele Bertoldi

Q: I’ve applied for and received other licenses by myself, why do I need your licensing service?
A: The Florida Licensing process is very complicated and requires a lot of work and effort to complete from start to finish.  Most of our clients don’t hire us because they are in a hurry, they hire us just to avoid the hassle associated with all the paperwork and red tape that goes in to getting a Florida Medical License.

But here’s another reason; As a former Application Analyst and Processor for the Florida Board of Medicine, I, Michele Bertoldi, know this process like the back of my hand. My knowledge, expertise and nearly 15 years of experience are second to none when it comes to Florida Licensure. The Florida Board has levied over $3,000,000 in fines, in the last 5 years to applicants who made HONEST and INNOCENT mistakes in their application.  Most of these fines and mistakes could have been avoided had these Physicians hired Florida Med to help them with this process.

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Phone: 850 942-0080
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How do I get started?
Fax or e-mail us your CV

Fee for our services?
$800 for Practicing Physicians
$550 for Residents and Fellows
$450 for Physician Assistants

Fee for the license?
$1227 for Practicing Physicians
$753 for Residents and Fellows
$305 for Physician Assistants